Intuition Circle

Would you like to grow your intuition and raise your vibration?

  • Learn methods to access your intuition through all your senses:  through what you feel, hear and see.
  • Use your intuition to help you make decisions. Sometimes logic and analysis will not help you, especially if you are dealing with a new situation.
  • Learn to pay closer attention to your intuition so that you know what path to take.
  • Improve your ability to manifest what your heart and mind desire.
  • Minimize your fears so that you can walk through the open doors and seize the opportunities as they appear.
  • Improve your health (choose the best food, supplements and practitioners for your body)
  • Improve your work (make better and faster decisions, create better opportunities)
  • Improve your relationships (become more aware of your beliefs and reactions)

Join us for an Intuition Circle led by Holistic Coach Brenda Wallace:

Saturdays from 10am-12pm
October 26th until December 14th, 2013 (eight weeks)
18480 65th Avenue in Surrey, BC, Canada

$110 for the eight week class
Register by October 23rd and pay only $80      

Each session will start with a guided visualization/meditation, and include both instruction and exercises to practice during the class.  Group participation is encouraged but not required.  Please bring an open mind.  You may also wish to bring a notebook if you like writing things down.